Samsung Galaxy SIII Kidigi Phone and Battery Dock Review

For those of you with both a Samsung Galaxy 3 and a spare battery, the Kidigi dock might just be the accessory you’re looking for to replace your current phone charger. If you read my previous official SGSIII dock review you'd know one of the biggest omissions was being able to charge both the phone and the spare battery directly though the dock. Well the Kidigi dock goes some way to rectifying this.


The dock has a great look about it, the front is glossy black whilst the rest is a matte black. The shape is very rounded, which I think helps to make the dock look and feel high quality. The bottom contains four rubber pads to remove the chance of the dock slipping while in use (and ensuring your desktop doesn't get scratched). The rear contains the microUSB port that powers both the phone and battery at the same time.


One of the great things about this dock is that the makers realise that people may actually use a case on their phone, and that it’s quite annoying to have to remove your case before docking. They have got around this by adding a removable slot to the phone docking space. What this allows you to do is attach the SGSIII without a case by inserting the slot, or attach the phone with a case by removing the slot (and therefore providing more space for the phone and case to fit). Whilst this is a great addition, you have to bear in mind that this won’t allow every case out there to work. There is still limited space. If you have a thin case like the official slim case this will definitely work for you, bigger cases like some of the Otterbox ones may have a harder time fitting in.


The spare battery slot is included in a rather unusual way. Where the official SGSIII dock had the spare battery laying down flat at the rear, the Kidigo goes the other way and has the spare battery upright behind the phone. I really like the way this looks, the battery is out in the open and not hidden away and it definitely appeals to me. The is a sole LED light that lights up either red or green depending if the attached phone or battery is fully charged or not.

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I really like this dock, the ability to charge both the phone and battery concurrently is a great feature and a big plus over the official Samsung dock. The ability to make the phone docking space larger to accommodate a phone with a case on is a great addition too. As well as the great functionality, it also looks high quality and expensive. If you’re looking for a new dock for your SGSIII, this is one I’d highly recommend!

Big thanks to MobileFun for sending us the dock to review, if you would like to purchase then you can find the dock here!