Samsung Galaxy S3 Cracking Issues?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been selling like hotcakes but is it developing cracking issues? This isn't someone putting a the device in a microwave and saying it exploded, this is a phone that I have seen and handled and have it on good faith that it has not been dropped. A good friend of mine has owned a galaxy s3 for about a month and has had a case on it since purchase. He recently took the case off and realised that cracks were spontaneously appearing all over the sides and back cover of his Pebble Blue S3 (and they got much worse as you can see in the images below). I know for a fact that he takes very (VERY) good care of his phones (he has a 2-year-old HTC Desire with barley a scratch on it). He took it back to the shop and after much convincing (that he hadn't dropped the phone), he is having his S3 repaired next week.

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Yesterday, I got the opportunity to handle the cracked phone. They are clearly visible and that got me searching on-line for other Samsung Galaxy S3 that have the same issue. I only found two other SGS3 (both marble white) with the same issue but the cracks were nowhere near to the same extent. One of the other phones I found had been kept in a case since it was bought too so, could this be an issue with certain cases? The case on the phone I handled was snuggly but I wouldn't consider it tight.

From what I've read/researched this isn't a widespread issue and I doubt that it will affect the sales of what is, arguably, the best Android device out right now but has it maybe put you off buying the Samsung Galaxy S3? Have you experienced the same issue on your SGS3? Sound out in the comments below.

Link to other cases of cracked SGS3s