Samsung Galaxy S: What Is It?

So what exactly is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Tab? We've seen stories about this android tablet all around the web for what seems like ages, and with reports that it will be released next month (on Vodafone?) surely we must have had more information by now?!


Samsung are doing a damn fine job keeping this thing under wraps, there have been numerous "leaks" regarding specs and price, but each new leak changes what we thought we knew about it. It has a 480x800 screen resolution, no wait! It actually has a 600x1024 resolution! It's running Gingerbread, no! Froyo. It's going to be cheaper than the iPad, until the latest leak says it will be more expensive! We've also been severely starved on images, the same image has been circulating the web for a good while now, I mean just check out the google image search for "Samsung Galaxy Tab", come on, thats just getting silly right? The picture below is the only other (and less popular amongst tech blogs) image we have to do with this tablet.


I do hope we hear some more offical information soon. One thing is for certain though, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a high chance of being my first Android Tablet, how about you?