Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread Update Coming Soon?

Well this is great news for everyone owning a Samsung Galaxy S (and there are a lot of you!). Samsung have just posted on their facebook page that an update to their fantastically awful Kies desktop software is available. Now that in itself might not be enough to excite you, but the reason for the update sure is. The update is in preparation for the 2.3.2 update (thats gingerbread by the way) to your Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant and Facinate phones.

Samsung have put a sort of disclaimer in their message however, mentioning that this gingerbread update will be worldwide, but carriers will be delayed. Will, not may being the key. So this might lead to some more frustration with the American market. As I've always said, it is the carriers that have caused the previous delay to froyo for the Galaxy S, and it looks like they may do the same with this update.