Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition: Updated CPU

Russia will see the release of a new Samsung Galaxy S phone in April, which is to be officially called the Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition. Not sure that'll be too popular, it is also known as the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. That name might stick a little better! As of yet, there is no news if this will come to the UK, and it's very unlikely to hit America, but we do not know for sure just yet.

The phone is very similar to the original GSM (the UK/Europe variant) of the Galaxy S with it having the exact same 4" Super AMOLED display, internal memory, etc. It will however contain an upgradded single core 1.4GHz CPU, which we can assume will be of teh Hummingbird variety although this is yet to be confirmed. It also has a larger battery and something most of you would have liked to see in teh original phone, a metal back!