Samsung Galaxy Note II Zenus Neo Vintage Diary Case Review

There must be something special in the water in South Korea, because the most beautiful mobile phone cases always seem to originate from there. Zenus  (along with SGP) is a Korean company that specialises in mobile phone cases, or should I say magnificent mobile phone cases. I managed to get my hands on the Neo Vintage Diary case for the Note II, did I mention that Zenus cases tend to be magnificent yet? Well, the names they pick as also just as magnificent! The last experience I had with Zenus was with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 case they produced, and I still have fond memories of that, take the jump to see if this one also lives up to my high expectations.


Look and Feel

The first thought that flashed through my mind when I opened up the packaging was “wow”. The case is very much of the premium kind. The whole case is hand-made using the “finest” Italian vintage Nubuck leather. Now I’m not entirely sure what animal a Nubuck* is, but if I ever find one I’m just going to run over and rub my face up against it, the leather is that nice.

The case is a book style case where the front cover flips out like a book. There is also a button fastening strap making sure that when you close the case, the screen of the Note II is safe and secure. The front also has four square metal studs down the front, and a metal Zenus logo on the bottom right. Make no mistake about it, every aspect of this case was designed with quality and style in mind. There is also a cut out for the earpiece at the top of the front case, to allow you to take and listen to a call whilst the case is on and closed.


The rear of the case contains a cut out for the camera and flash, the rear speaker and also an opening for easy access to the S Pen. Towards the bottom there is an indented “Zenus” name and small logo which once again helps to add style to this case.


Inside, you’ll find space for three credit cards and a slot for any additional cards or money. Personally I wouldn’t use this case in that manner, but if you do then you’ll appreciate this thought. Even though I will not be making use of these, it still doesn’t detract from the case at all. Inside, the phone sits against a softer leather material, ensuring no damage to the body of the phone.



The latch on the case ensures that it will stay closed when thrown into a bag, or even dropped. The leather material will also protect The Note II from any day-to-day scratches, as well as scratches that could have occurred if the phone is dropped. As the case is made entirely of leather, it is susceptible to scuffs as you would expect from such a premium leather. In fact, the case I have actually came with some slight scuffs.


All of the functions and keys of the phone are available whilst using the case. There is easy access to power and volume buttons, and the camera and S Pen can both be used without any issue. The phone sits inside a leather enclosed section, and I have my doubts as to how this may hold up. Certainly, the leather wrap around the phone is in no way as firm as you may get from a cheaper, plastic case. However, the latch takes away some of this worry.



I am hugely impressed with the style and general look of this case. You can tell that a lot of love has gone into its creation. It has a more premium price tag at around £40, but if you are after something stylish for your Galaxy Note II, something that matches the quality look of the phone itself, then I highly recommend making this purchase

*I know Nubuck isn’t an animal, used for comedic purposes! :P