Samsung Galaxy Note II Official Extra Battery Kit Review

If you use your smartphone for more than just making calls and receiving texts, it’s probably same to assume you struggle with battery life. One of the great things about (the majority of) android phones is the removable battery. That means you can carry a spare or two and simple swap them out when you run out of charge. I have to say though, the Galaxy Note II is probably the exception to this rule thanks to the huge 3100 mAh battery included inside. But, the gadget freak inside me always loves having a spare battery around, you know, just in case!


I grabbed the official Galaxy Note 2 dock from the awesome guys at MobileFun to give it a test run. The dock comes with a spare battery too, the battery is exactly the same as the one that came with your Note II, so having a pair of these fully charged will give you a more than 2 days charge at a minimum, and if you’re kind to your phone you could even see a good 4 days usage without having to even sniff a charger. For one of, if not, the best and mot powerful smartphones available right now, that's some feat.

The dock itself looks exactly like the SII battery dock, only slightly larger to accommodate both the larger phone and physically larger battery. I was sent the white dock, which goes well with the marble white Note II I have. Again, similar to the SII dock this one is made out of glossy plastic, but manages to keep a premium look. One of the things that really annoys me about phone review (and Samsung ones in particular), is the general dismissive nature of phones made out of plastic… Plastic != poor quality.


The dock has a hidden compartment that allows you to place the spare battery inside, meaning you can charge the battery as well as charge your phone at the same time. However, the dock has no way to actually charge the phone as well, you’ll have to do this using your normal microUSB charger. The addition of this would have been nice to this dock.

Personally, I love the idea of having a spare, fully charged battery for my Note II, so this accessory is a great for me, but the Note II is a different animal. Your battery might just last long enough to deem this one unnecessary!