Review: JAYS One Plus Earphones

The best way to fully enjoy using your mobile as a music player is to get some decent earphones. Bearing in mind that you can spend hundreds of pounds on a top quality pair, the JAYS One Plus In-Ear earphones are at the lower end of the price range - at around £40. They are designed for Android smartphones - and feature a single inline push-button which has a mic built-in.


The JAYS earphones feature a flat cable - rather than the standard rounded one - which supposedly means it's difficult to get tangled up. But it works! It really is difficult to tangle it up with everyday use. Coil it up to put it in your bag and when you get it out it’s tangle-free! Another interesting point is that the 3.5mm stereo plug is a right-angle format. This means that it fits right up to the edge of your mobile and sticks out less than 10mm. The ear-pieces (various sizes are supplied) actually go into your ear canals giving a sound-tight fitting and cutting out external noise. This really improves the quality of the audio and accentuates the bass. When comparing this system to the hang-on-the-ear iPhone-type earphones there is an amazing difference in the sound quality.

Nowadays, everyone seems to have lowered their standards - and expectations - to the fairly poor, noisy iPhone-type earphones. The JAYS are so much better. The inline mic has a single button switch which, in conjunction with the free Android app, can be used for a variety of functions. The most obvious use is to answer/end calls, but the app opens a whole new range of options. It has a default set of functions - which can be modified by the user to suit the individual. Basically, the default set gives you start, stop, track forward, track backwards, volume up and volume down - all from the single button. It uses a combination of press and press-and-hold to work. It's difficult to remember which sequence does what to begin with but you'll soon get used to it. The app doesn’t need to be started up manually when you plug your JAYS into your mobile. It just works!


The sound quality from the earphones is very clear and has plenty of bass. They handle a wide range of frequencies - from sizzling hi-hats to booming bass - with ease. The noise isolation works really well too and very little audio bleeds to the outside world. There can be some noise created by the vibration of the cable, but it's nothing worth worrying about. The microphone quality is very good and it's easy to hear the caller in noisy conditions.


For the price, these earphones are very good value for money. The in-ear design means that you get your music straight into your ears - rather than spraying it round near your ears (and everyone else's). The extra functionality supplied by the free app is a real bonus - and it works really well. The flat cable means that the earphones stay tangle-free, but do add slightly to the weight of them. Overall, I would recommend these earphones as a good-quality inexpensive pair of earphones.

You can get the earphones from Amazon for only £27.57. If you do fancy a pair, make sure you get the accompanying android app as well!