[Review] Galaxy S3 Flip Case

This Samsung Galaxy S3 case differs to the official flip case as it doesn't replace the back cover on your phone. This brings a few advantages and disadvantages...

Firstly, it is a lot easier to remove if you need to for whatever reason. Just pull the case off and you're done. As opposed to having to then try and remember where you left your normal back cover if you decide to remove the official flip cover.

However this also means that the case adds a slight bit of extra thickness that you don't get when the back cover is replaced. It's only a tiny bit thicker though, and nothing you should worry about unless you like your phones more on the "naked" side!

The material used for the case is a sort of faux leather. You won't ever get real leather for this price, so this is expected. The material isn't too bad.. It's slightly sturdier than the official flip case which is a good thing, although the plastic rim around the back of the case does let it down slightly. I'm also not a massive fan of the silver addition to the front of the case, although your mileage may vary on this front, and I'm sure it'll be to some of your tastes.
The other main difference to the official case is the fact that this one flips downwards as opposed to outwards (like a book). This is the more common style of flip cases and I think that most people do actually prefer this as well. The cover stays shut thanks to a small clip on the top of the phone. It's a small addition that helps to ensure the case doesn't flip open when you don't want it to. It seems strong enough to survive many open and closings of the case too, so should last the life of the case I'd expect.

Overall, a decent flip case for the Galaxy S3 at a good price. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you prefer this or the official one though!