Rearth Ringke Slim Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

Rearth is a manufacturer I have to say I hadn't come across before. When browsing MobileFun for a suitable case for my Samsung Galaxy S6 I came across an interesting looking case by this company so decided to find out more.

Having a look at the Rearth company website I read the following:

Our company was founded and is still run by previous customers just like You. We were also the “little guys” and got tired of always having to succumb to the power of these giant cell phone cover retailers. So, we opened our own company and began designing our own unique and high-quality products. You know, the kind we always wanted to see on the market but didn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

If you want to get in my good books, that's one way to do it! As I mentioned earlier, the Rearth Ringke Slim case stood out for me as it looked minimalist yet stylish, whilst also having a budget price tag.

Materials & Protection

The case is made from a polycarbonate material, which provides a sturdy solution for an all in one case. The material is extremely thin, a real light touch to the phone. Rearth say this material uses a "dual coating technology, making the case two times more durable and lasting two times as long". I assume this means over the standard polycarbonate material other cases may use.

As the case is on the minimal side, there isn't too much more to say about the material. It does have a slight flex to it which helps get the case on the phone, actually, this is one of the easiest cases I have had to apply to a phone, it's comparable to a soft silicone case. I'm impressed Rearth have managed this whilst still keeping the case so firm when applied to the phone.

I do drop my phones, and the S6 is sadly no exception to this rule. The Ringke Slim has handled all the drops like a champ, suffering a few scratches itself but performing its duty well and keeping those off the precious phone!

Some areas of the case (for example those around the volume buttons) are extremely thin, and I do worry about the ability of these area's to withstand any sort of abuse.

Features & Style

The case has cut outs for all ports as expected:

  • IR blaster
  • volume up/down
  • power button
  • headphone jack
  • speaker
  • microUSB port

On top of the standard ports and buttons, the case also features a strap holder. You don't see these on cases much nowadays so it's a nice addition that doesn't take away from the case if you don't have use of it (it took me a while to even realise it was there to be honest, and that's a good thing).

The case has a "premium coating", again I'm not too sure what this technically means, but the case does have a nice golden shine to it. It's also very smooth and feels a lot more premium than the low price tag suggests.

The sides of the case are contoured, matching the Galaxy S6 design and this really does help the looks of the phone compared to the likes of an equivalently priced silicone case.

The bottom of the rear of the case holds the "Ringke Slim" tag, whilst the inside of the case the usual trademarks, URLs, and a statement advising that this case is:

The Ultimate Way To Slim

Final Thoughts

In my quest for the perfect thin and minimalist case, the Rearth Ringke Slim comes damn near close. I'm impressed by the light touch it has on the phone, it's no understatement to say that most people wouldn't even realise I was using a case on my Galaxy S6.

The protection to the front of the phone isn't great, but then again that isn't what this case what designed to do. It compliments a beautiful phone whilst helping ensure said phone remains in as good a shape as possible. This is the case I'm using on a daily basis for the time being.