Plantronics Backbeat Go Wireless Stereo Earphones Review

I'm always on the lookout for a good set of wireless earphones, mainly for when I'm at the gym or out on a run. But, for me the dream is also to find an excellent, and affordable, pair of bluetooth earphones with sound quality to match a decent wired pair. So having laid that out there, I had big expectations from the Plantronics Backbeat Go earphones.


Look and Feel

Everything about the Backbeat Go’s screams premium, from the moment you receive the box to the actual look and feel of the earphones inside. The earphones themselves are black, with a matte touch along the back and top. The two buds are connected by a flattened cable that again, really adds to the premium feel of these earphones.

The cable, closer the right earbud than the left, contains a small control that allows you to manage your music or phone calls. It also has advanced features such as volume changing and track skipping. The control panel both looks and feels good, however it did take a while to get use to its positioning when in use.


the earbuds themselves are fairly large, and look quite heavy. However, in reality they are fairly lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. The box also comes with a variety of bud sizes so you should be covered whatever the size of your ear. Generally, I was extremely impressed with the look and feel of these headphones, they match, and probable exceed what you would expect for earphones at this price point.


The earphones are sweatproof,which is great if you use these for physical activity. They probably won’t survive a swim, but you shouldn't worry about sweat damaging these earphones. They connect to your phone (or other device) via bluetooth 2.1, and contain EDR, A2DP and AVRCP technology, most of which I indirectly referred to previously. These technologies essentially mean they’ll connect to your phone, and stream things like music and voice calls over.


Although my primary use case isn't to use these to listen to, or make calls, they did well on both of these fronts. The earphones contain a microphone so you can also use these to chat to people without having to get your phone out. For me, music comes first for earphones, and while most bluetooth earphones will really struggle to match the sound quality of their wired counterparts, the Go’s certainly give it a good shot! I was extremely impressed with the sound quality coming though these earphones, especially as I’d been trying a few different bluetooth earphones recently too. The quality of these far surpassed any of the competition. In fact, I found the music quality that enjoyable, I didn't myself immediately reaching for my wired earphones. Having said that, if you consider yourself an audiophile, don’t expect these to meet your very high expectations, as you are probably aware bluetooth just isn't there just yet, and definitely not at bluetooth v2.1.


The earphones are also extremely comfortable, you can wear these all day long with little discomfort, again something that bluetooth earphones sometime struggle with. However, the battery life is rated at 4.5 hours, which matches my experience, so you’ll probably run out of battery before these begin to feel uncomfortable anyway! One positive is these are charged with your standard microUSB port, so no need to carry around an additional charging cable on top of your phones cable.


I was extremely impressed with these bluetooth earphones. The music quality exceeded my original expectations, so much so that I found myself reaching for them without any dread when I wanted to listen to some music. I did worry about the earphones falling out when running, a worry which was unfounded, but they don’t lend themselves to the feeling of being secure like some of the more substantial bluetooth headsets do. All in all, I’d strongly recommend these if you’re in the market for a great looking, functional and decent quality set of bluetooth earphones.