Phone Guide: How To Root The Samsung Galaxy S And Fix Lag

One of the most notable issues with the Samsung Galaxy S is to do with it's lag. It's an awesome phone, with amazing specs, but it does have a noticeable lag. The reason for this is because of the way Samsung implemented their internal memory. As you should know, the Galaxy S comes with a massive amount of internal memory which is in the form of an internal sdcard (you can still add an external sdcard too). This internal sdcard uses the FAT32 file system, we aren't sure why they chose this because it is an old method, replaced with more efficient NTFS and ext file system types.

The Galaxy S suffers the lag when the phone attempts to write to this file system, holding up other tasks and giving the effect of the lag. The fix to this issue is to implement an ext partition onto this internal sdcard. This new partition allows the phone to run a lot smoother and faster, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S, then you haven't even touched upon the power and speed your device is capable of until you follow the guide below. It's so easy, you really have no excuse not to do it!


So first of all, remember that this rooting method is easy and should not cause any issues if you follow the instructions. However, you do so at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage you may do.

Ok, so after following the guide you will have a rooted Galaxy S, and you will have implemented the lag fix method to significantly speed up your phone and remove lag you may be experiencing already. You will not lose any of your data by following this guide, however, please do backup anything you don't want to lose, this is just a sensible precaution just in case (if it's that important, make regular backups regardless of anything else you do anyway).

Going through the following guide, after some of the steps your phone will restart, this is normal, just carry on with the next step once your phone has rebooted!

The Guide

    1. Search the android market for an app called Galaxy S - 1 Click Lag Fix.


Galaxy S - 1 Click Lag Fix (Market Link)
  1. Open the app and select Root Device 2.1
  2. Let the app root your phone.
  3. Now enter recovery mode by doing the following: Hold volume up and the main button whilst turning the phone on.
  4. Select apply
  5. Reboot the phone when this is complete (or it may reboot automatically)
  6. Once finished reopen the app and select Install EXT2 tools.
  7. Let the app add the partition.
  8. Once finished repopen the app and select OneClickLagFix V1+
  9. Let the app add the fix.

And thats it! Have a play around with your phone, it should become much smoother, and that lag that used to annoy you so much should have disappeared! You might want to take a look at my 3 Must Have Apps For Rooted Users now, to keep your phone in tip top shape and running as smoothly as it can, not to mention saving a bit of battery too!