Phone Guide: How To Install Rooted Android 2.2 On Your HTC Desire

Ok, so we are all waiting for HTC to release their update to the HTC Desire, offering us the holy grail that is Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo. There is however, a way to get this right now, albeit without the Sense interface. Oh yeah, and you need to be rooted, thankfully I also have a guide for that too.


Ok, first things first, the disclaimer. It is very very unlikely that something will go wrong, nevertheless, $h#t happens, so please follow instructions carefully, unfortunately I cannot take any responsibility for anything that may go wrong following this procedure.

Next, you need to be rooted before you follow this guide. So follow this guide if you are not already rooted. Carefully read the bootloader bit. If your phone is not compatible just search the internet, there will be another guide out there for you.

Third, this guide as it stands now will install the deFrost Froyo Rom. We would be nowhere without the android rooting community, so please say thank you to richardtrip for creating this ROM.

If You Have An Orange ROM

Ok so if you have an orange rom, to use version 2.0 or above of deFrost (ROMS that require the flashing of a new radio), you basically need to purchase an unlock code:

  1. Pay to sim unlock your phone. I recommend Express Codes (e.g. This listing). £8.99 and you'll have your phone unlocked inside 5 minutes.
  2. You need to apply this unlock code on a non-custom ROM:
    1. That means either a non-rooted ROM
    2. OR
    3. The rooted 2.1 ROM you flashed as part of my original root guide.

  3. This means unlock BEFORE applying any 2.2 ROM to your phone.
  4. If you have already flashed a 2.2 ROM, simply reflash the rooted 2.1 ROM you previously had, an easy way of doing this is to simply restore the nandroid backup you promised to make before applying any ROM.
  5. If you also flashed the new radio, then you will also need to flash this radio to go back to the radio you were previously running: 

The Guide (it's really simple!)

  1. Make sure you are rooted, please.
  2. Download the latest radio update:
  3. Download the latest Full ROM: 
  4. Put both of these on your phones sdcard, or even better, download from your phone on this site
  5. Download the app called Titanium Backup from the market.
  6. Click Backup/Restore > Menu > Batch > Backup all user apps + system data. Wait for this to finish.
  7. Go to the android market on your phone and download the app called: ROM Manager
  8. Open this app, click Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery, select HTC Desire.
  9. Press OK once you get the successful message
  10. Still in the app, click Install ROM from SD Card
  11. Choose the you downloaded earlier.
  12. Click OK in the popup box.
  13. **IMPORTANT* Select Backup Existing ROM. This will provide you with an exact backup of the current state of your phone (A Nandroid backup)
  14. Try NOT SELECTING Wipe Data and Cache first, if you run into problems then redo from step #10 and select Wipe Data and Cache
  15. Press OK
  16. The phone will restart and start to install the new rom.
  17. (this may take a while so be patient)
  18. Once the phone has finished, open ROM Manager again and click Install ROM from SD Card
  19. Choose the you downloaded earlier.
  20. Click ok in the popup box.
  21. Press OK and wait
  22. Be patient while it does its stuff
  23. DONE!

I told you it was easy right? In the future simply download the latest ROM, or any compatible ROM,place on your sdcard, and flash using ROM Managers install ROM option. Just promise me you will backup your current before doing so ok?

What next then?

Comfortaa Fonts

(Replace your system font with the muych better looking ones)

  1. Download the fonts file: and place on your sdcard
  2. Open ROM Manager app on your phone.
  3. Click Install ROM from SD Card
  4. Select the file.
  5. Press OK and wait until the phone boots back up

Take care, and good luck Q/A below!