Phone Cases: A Tragic Love Story

Generally speaking, I'm not a great believer in phone cases. Having said that, I pretty much always use on one my phones. However, I have very specific requirements around what is allowed to wrap itself around my beautiful (and expensive) smartphone.

I feel pain right down to my core whenever I see an expensive smartphone wrapped up in some bulky, ugly case. It's just plain disrespectful, to both the phone and the engineers that spent (probably) months designing this thing so it fits in your hand perfectly, and making sure that it's pleasing to the eye! (Well ok, sometimes those engineers probably deserve being kicked out of the door but we're talking in an ideal world here!).

If you've ever read any of my past phone case reviews, you'll probably know I much prefer thin, light touch cases for my devices. In fact, if it comes down to a choice between a bulky case and no case, no case will always win. I use my phone so much every day that I can't imagine having to make a compromise between safety and seeing the intended beauty of the phone...

Some of you may say "but Rachid, what if you drop your lovely new Galaxy Note II!?", well c'est la vie! Shit happens, right? But I do take steps to protect myself as much as possible. Like I mentioned, I do actually use cases on my phones, but it has to be a light touch, so light that in an ideal world I'll never even realise it's there. This keeps my phone safe from everyday scratches, which is all I can ask. If I do drop my phone (this happens, so far no permanent damage though!) and it smashes, I have my insurance policy to make sure anything that needs fixing, or heavens forbid, if a replacement is required I'll get that done for a relatively small excess fee, and be back to new before you can take of your bulky case.

Currently I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and I'm struggling. I really do want a case to protect my £500 phone from little niggly scratches, but as of yet there simply no Galaxy Note 2 cases that meet my requirements... :(

Come on Samsung, please hurry up and cater for those of us who do respect your designers! We love the design of this phone and want to show it off whilst also being secured from the annoying grit we can't seem to remove from our pockets (yes people, I do actually place my Note II in my pocket, and guess what, it fits!).