O2 900MHz Speeds Up 3G By 30%

Not specifically android news, but this news could affect a lot of android users in London. O2 have made use of a recent change in spectrum rules by regulator Ofcom to use the 900MHz spectrum, apparently boosting mobile data speeds by 30%. Nigel Purdy, chief technology officer for Telefónica

LG Optimus 2X £449.99 March 21st

Woah, Expansys have the LG Optimus 2X up for pre-order at only £449.99 sim free. With an expected release date of the 21st March, or next Monday. Personally I was going to hold out for the Galaxy S2, but this dual core Tegra2 offering from LG is starting

4G Android Promo Vids: HTC Thunderbolt & T-Mobile Sidekick

4G is really kicking off in the United States, lots of people are excited about having awesomely fast data speeds on their mobiles, and why the hell not! HTC's Thunderbolt 4G is one of the more exciting phones, as well as the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Both T-Mobile and HTC have

Android Still Owns Over Half of Mobile Ad Impressions

Millennial Media today announced in their monthly mobile report that android still accounts for over half of all mobile ad impressions on its network. The ads reach over 90 million US users each month, so this is one of the more respectable reports out there Androids 51% share actually accounts

Guerrilla Bob Released on Android

Guerrilla Bob is now available on the android market. Its a top down shooter, very similar to Gun Bros (one of my favourite android games at the moment). Take the jump for video, some pics and the market link! The graphics are very nice, especially if you have a big

Gameloft St. Patricks Day Android Promo

So if you're in the UK, own an android phone, like gaming and are not yet completely w@nkered, Gameloft have a promo to celebrate St. Patricks day. All you need to do is buy a HD game betwenn now and next Tuesday (March 22nd). Take the jump for full