Aircell Develops First Inflight Android Phone

This is quite cool news for those of you that fly frequently. Aircell (deliverers of inflight connectivity) have created the "Aircell Smartphone Cabin" handset for business use in the air. The phone allows passengers to place and receive calls in the air just as a normal mobile phone would work.

HTC Evo 3D Gets Cool Dynamic Lock Screen

HTC have come up with a very cool lock screen on the HTC Evo 3D. If you've ever used an app like WidgetLocker you might be used to similar functionality that this newer HTC Sense contains. Basically you can set up a dynamic lock screen, allowing you to place app

Vote In The Carphone Warehouse Appys Awards To Win A Smartphone

UK Mobile Phone store Carphone Warehouse are running a major app awards ceremony called "The Appys", aimed at recognising innovation and development of mobile apps. They have created a shortlist of over 1000 apps submitted by their employees for most mobile platforms, including android. This huge list was then narrowed

Amazon Appstore Coming To AT&T Soon: Register Here

Those of you on AT&T haven't been able to take advantage of the Amazon Appstore yet, due to the fact that AT&T block the installation of third party apps (and thus your ability to inatlal the Amazon Appstore apk). AT&T is however working on

XTR3D To Bring Motion Sensor To Android?

Extreme Reality (or XTR3D) is a company that "enables consumer electronic devices with Gesture Control Interface and Motion Capture for Gaming using software only, using a single standard 2D camera". Sounds sorta cool right? Imagine playing games on your phone kinect style, really cool. But is it? Firstly, you'll usually

If You Don't Have an iPhone.. Then You Have All This!

Have you ever watched an iPhone ad, and felt frustrated at the lies being showed to millions who are no doubt watching (and sadly believing) that trash? Of course you have! Especially with the latest round of adverts they have put out. One youtube user by the name of mmace