Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Gets Awesome Promo Video

The Samsung Galaxy Player 70 gets an awesome promotional video. It's basically a Galaxy S phone with a 5" screen, and the whole screen is put to good use in this video! Remember to look closely!

O2 Delay Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

O2 have decided to delay the release of their Sony Xperia Play android phone. Originally to be released on April 1st, they have delayed it for an unspecified amount of time. The reason being they believe the software to be buggy on the device. O2 say: "We’ve been testing

UK To Get Older Fat Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V

UPDATE: The UK will receive the thinner models after all. They will be released sometime after we get the Galaxy Tab 10.1V. Samsung won't be dumping the 10.1" tablet it showed off at Mobile World Congress earileri this year. This week Samsung announced their new 10.1" and

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 To Get Gingerbread

This is terrific news! This phone actually shipped with android 1.6 remember, at a time when it really should have been on 2.1. The phone was slow and buggy, and many thought Sony Ericsson would simply write the phone off. However, they did upgrade the phone to 2.

Samsung CTIA Unpacked Event Full Video

If you missed the Samsung Unpacked event at CTIA this week, then Samsung have posted the whole stream up for you to watch. It's definitely worth a watch too, from the cheesy "interviews" to the actual fantastic device announcements. Full video after the jump.

Honeycomb Code Not Open... Yet

So you may have heard the news today that Google is not going to be releasing the Honeycomb source code any time soon. You may also have heard all the screams of "Open Source Android Is Dead", hell I even read one article the the title "Steve Jobs vindicated: Google