Nexus 7 Case-Mate Tuxedo Case Review

I’m always on the lookout for some good Nexus 7 covers, so when I came across the Case Mate Tuxedo case I knew I had to give it a go. By now you should know what type of case I go for on my phones, the minimal type! But

First Look: Carbon for Twitter

The app we've all been waiting for since this summer is finally here! Carbon for Twitter was added to the Google Play store this past Sunday night and while we in the states were overwhelmed with the Super Bowl and Beyonce, the rest of the world rejoiced with this long

Why The iPhone Is Impossible For Me To Use

Feel free to contact me directly on twitter @le3ky if you like my posts or want to discuss further!! I was recently given an iPhone for use as my work phone and you know, I actually quite looked forward to seeing how the other half lived and worked. I went

Case Logic Compact Camera Kit Bag Review

I recently moved from a Canon compact camera to a Sony Nex-5N. If you’ve ever moved from a compact to a much better camera you’ll know the joy I felt when I took my first photo, the difference is immense, especially in less than ideal conditions. The Nex-5N

Android Vehicle Mount Review

If like me, you spend a lot of time in your car, then a decent mobile phone dock will be one of your must have mobile phone accessories. A good dock is even more important to me as my phone essentially becomes my in car media player and navigational guide

Google Play Weekly Downloads [Feb 3 2013]

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Google + 1. HomeFlip   [FREE] Browsing around the PlayStore,  came across this really simple and intuitive app that really made multitasking a breeze. Basically Homeflip keeps track of your recent apps that you are using. Once you press your home button