Samsung Galaxy Pro: RIM Beware?

Samsung have kindly sent me out one of their more modest android phones (when comparing to the great Galaxy SII that is), the Samsung Galaxy Pro. You might guess at who this phone is aimed towards from the name given to the phone, but if you need a slightly bigger

New Angry Birds Seasons Update Coming Soon

Rovio have announced the next update to its Angry Birds Seasons game. The new update coming in September will be calledMoon Festival, related to the upcoming chinese Mid-Autumn festival celebrating the largest moon of the year. China will get early access to the update before the 12th September, with

New Sony Ericsson Launcher Leaked

A new home launcher for android from Sony Ericsson has been leaked. The new launcher will be seen in upcoming SE devices such as the Xperia Ray. Although not a complete overhaul from the current launcher found in SE android phones, there are some cool changes to check out. Firstly,

Android Mini Collectibles: Summer 2011 (Be Quick!)

Dead Zebra has just release a new set of android mini collectibles, the Summer 2011 edition. This set features 4 android figures, a hero's and villains range. Included in the set are: Heroes: The Hidden Task & El Poderoso Villains: Greentooth & Cycle-On It's likely these will get sold out

Apple Vs (Amazon & Samsung): Round 1: Apple

Apple have recently been pushing various lawsuits towards manufacturers who produce android phones, tablets and app stores. HTC have been in the news recently, with Apple pushing to get all HTC phones banned from the USA. While that is still ongoing, Apple have also been fighting with Samsung and Amazon,

HTC Updates the Desire to Gingerbread (But you Won't Like It)

Remember when HTC said they wouldn't update the HTC Desire to gingerbread because the phone wasn't capable (despite the fact that custom ROM developers have been proving gingerbread Sense ROMS for ages)? Remember the outrage from us users about this? And remember HTC suddenly turning around and saying, yes, we