HTC Gives Details of Its Bootloader Unlocking Process

HTC have recently posted an update on their Facebook page describing how their bootloader unlocking process will work. Essentially phones are still being rolled out with a locked bootloader, but HTC will provide a software update to unlock these, with the first updates planned for sometime this month. The global

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets New TV Ads

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 going to be launched in the UK tomorrow, in London (PC World, Tottenham Court Road if you're interested). As part of their promotion, Samsung have created three new adverts for the Tablet, some of which are... lets say less annoying than the others!

Accessory Review: Case-Mate Tough Case

I have owned this case for over 6 months and it is available for most smartphones on the Case-Mate site. This case is not on the cheap side as cases go. The one for the HTC Desire costs £24.99 from case-mate (or £20.95 from Amazon) So,

Mobile Gaming By Numbers Infographic

We all love an info-graphic right? This one from Geekaphone gives us some great information regarding mobile gaming, something which android is helping to push. The key stats regarding android are: The Android Market has more free apps than the Apple App Store The Android Market will soon overtake Apple

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Receives Android 3.2 Update Today

Asus are building a good reputation with android fans, why? Because they tell us they will update their devices quickly, and actually stick to the dates they tell us. Something many other android manufacturers could learn from. Today Asus have released the 3.2 update for their Eee Pad Transformer

Grand Prix Story 50% Off Limited Time

Grand Prix Story from Kairosoft currently has 50% off in the android market. It's a great game with rave reviews (4 1/2 stars in the market), so if you're a fan of their type of games I'd highly recommend splashing out £1.60 on something that'll keep you