Motorola Roll Out Android 3.1 Update For Xoom In Europe

Motorola have just announced (via their Facebook page) that the 3.1 android update for their Xoom tablet is rolling out across Europe. They seem to be rolling it out by country and Xoom model. Reports from users suggest that the WiFi only models in the UK are the first

LG Optimus 3D comes to Orange

Orange have just announced they will be stocking the LG Optimus 3D phone. I know a lot of people in the UK have been waiting for this phone, simply to get their hands on the 3D aspect, whilst those of you at the other end of the spectrum are pretty

GetJar Gold: Get Paid Apps Legally For Free

GetJar has recently announced its GetJar Gold initiative for Android. The basic premise is actually quite similar to the Amazon fre android app of the day, except GetJar offer multiple premium titles for free every day for a week, with the list changing every week! This offering from GetJar has

Google Music (beta) For Android Review

I have a massive amount of music to listen to, both physical Cd's and digital files. Too much to carry around, even if I wanted to. Would take up too much space on my phone, and that’s after having had to plug it to a PC and sync across.

Samsung Release Their Samsung Hub App to the Android Market

Samsung have just announced that their Samsung Hub app is now available on the Android market. You'll be able to download and install apps and games for your Samsung devices from the app. It does seem to act like another market, so it remains to be seen if this app

The Sun Dream Team Android App Released

Football season here in the UK is getting ready to kick off, and part of our ritual on this beautiful island is creating a football dream team that will fight it out each week earning us points. One of the better Dream Team competitions out there is The Suns, especially