HTC Set To Make Major Announcement Tomorrow

HTC are going to be making a "major" announcement tomorrow (Thursday). That's all we have in terms of actual details, but it should be something exciting! My bet is on either a 10" tablet (most likely) or the next Nexus device (less likely). Either way, I can't wait for tomorrow!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launched in UK By Cat Deeley

Samsung have officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the UK. I'm pretty sure this tablet will be a hit, with the looks, specs and price-point all being pretty much spot on. Samsung have lined up Cat Deeley to promote the tablet, and over the coming months she

Motorola Xoom Price Drop: Now Only £399

Dixons Group (inc. PC World and Currys) have dropped the price of the WiFi only 32GB model to £399. This seems to be a response to the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, with the WiFi only version of that tablet being the same price (although

Samsung Announce The New Samsung Galaxy R Android Phone

Samsung have announced the new Samsung Galaxy R android phone, coming to Sweden, North & Eastern Europe, South East & West Asia, Middle East Asia, and China. The phone will be running the Tegra2 CPU with a 4.2" SLCD screen. It's not quite as powerful as the Galaxy SII,

Get The Facebook Messenger App For Android Here

Facebook have just released their new Facebook Messenger app to the android market, but unfortunately this is only available in America (why do they keep doing this?). If you want to try out the app yourself, you can download it here.

Facebook Release Facebook Messenger For Android

Facebook have today released a new app to the android market, Facebook Messenger. The release of this app follows on from Facebook's acquisition of Beluga earlier this year, which itself was a cross-platform messaging tool. Facebook Messenger seems to be targeted at competing with RIM's BBM service, and also Google+