Google's Acquisition of Motorola: The Competitors Opinion

So many people have been wondering just what Motorola's android competitors make of this deal. Well Google have been kind enough to let us know, below are some quotes from HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG regarding this deal. Of course, what is said publically can always differ from what is

OMG Moment: Google Buys Motorola!!

Wow! Google has just bought Motorola Mobility for around £7.5 Billion!! This is a complete surprise to everyone I think, but there are a whole host of reasons Google would do this. Firstly, Google has pledged to run Motorola separately from Android, so this shouldn't have a massive

My Top 5 Casual Android Games Right Now

I remember when I first got my HTC Hero years ago. Good android games were actually not that common, well lets say polished android games. The number of games was adequate, but you could see most were made by indie devs who maybe hadn't had that much experience with mobile

London Taxi Meter Android App Now Available

A new app has been released to the android market, that may quickly become essential to any Londoner owning an android phone. London Taxi Meter allows you to quickly calculate the estimated cost of black cab journeys in London! It's available for free in the android market, so if you

Dell Retire the Dell Streak

Dell have officially retired the Dell Streak. The underatted (in my opinion) 5" android phone never really took off. I know quite a few people personally who own  this phone and swear by it, espeically once it has a custom rom on it. Although Dell have stopped making the

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Adapter Available!

Lets make this one short and sweet shall we? You want another cable for your EeePad Transformer, you've been waiting long enough for Asus to provide this accessory, and now you can go and buy it! It's not the cheapest  as £24.99, but at least it's available.