Samsung vs Apple: The Saga Continues [Dutch Edition]

A judge at The Hague in Holland has just issue a ruling in the patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung. The ruling states "the marketing of Samsung smartphones Galaxy S, S II and Ace for violation of Apple Inc. EP 2,058,868." The ruling bans the trade of

Samsung Galaxy W Preview [Video]

A friend of mine at 3UK has posted a short video introducing the new Samsung Galaxy W smartphone. If you have already read our previous post today explaining the significance of the Samsung smartphone naming, you will know that the W stands for Wonder (High quality, strategic models, perfect for

New Asus Eee Pad Transformer Update Brings...

Back the old mouse pointer.. Hurray! The android 3.2 update brought a strange large blue circle, replacing the mouse pointer when using the keyboard dock mousepad. I'm not sure many people like it, it was quite inaccurate which was the biggest issue. Asus have issued a small update which

Samsung Outs Its Galaxy Android Phone Naming Scheme

The one thing we know about Samsung, is that they just love to flood the market with android phones. There are so many even I struggle to name them all! Samsung have obviously realised this and come up with a new naming scheme, that is designed to help you identify

"2001: A Space Odyssey" Originator of iPad Design?

In the recent court case between Samsung and Apple in California, Samsung have put forward quite an interesting defence against Apple's call for a preliminary junction... They have claimed that the tablet computer used by 2 astronauts in the classic sci-fi film constitutes  valid prior art for a certain

Swype Beta For Android Updated!

Yesterday saw the new Swype app found on the Nexus S 4G being ripped and ported to other android devices. This new app spread through development forums, but the installation wasn't really that simple, and required root access on your android phone. Today Swype have released this new version of