Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Note Leaked?

Some smart android user has been digging inside Samsung's latest android app, the official IFA app they released this week, and found some interesting information! Inside the apk was found a logo displaying 3 new devices, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, the Wave 3 and the Galaxy Note. Now

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation For Android From Gameloft

Wow, if the game ends up looking anything like the trailer then we are all in for a treat, the video below looks absolutely beautiful. Personally can't wait for this to hit (the android market hopefully). Expect to pay a decent sum when it does hit the market this Autumn.

Sony Ericsson Detail New Xperia software Features [Video]

You should have seen our earlier post today explaining the new features Sony Ericsson will bring to their Xperia line of android phones with a new update to android 2.3.4. Well they have also provided a video walk-through of the features. My favourite? The screen grab functionality and

NVIDIA Announce

NVIDIA have announced, basically an extension to their android app. The website offers all the functionality of the android app, with the added benefit that you don't actually have to own a Tegra2 device to view it. It looks like NVIDIA are hoping to persuade people that

Soundhound or Shazam? Spotify Has The Answer

If like me, you struggle to pick between Soundhound and Shazam for identifying unknown music you like the sound of, then Spotify may just have swayed your decision, as they did mine! The Soundhound app for android has been updated to allow you to play the recognised song instantly in

UK Metro: Malware To Crumble Gingerbread.. [Orly]

UK free newspaper Metro (thats the one they force you to take when you're rushing for a train), have published a story on the recent "malware" attacks on android, together with the headline "Malware Threatens To Crumble Gingerbread". Ok, so it's sort of a funny headline (we see what you