Google TV Coming To The UK In Next 6 Months

The Telegraph is reporting that Google's Eric Schmidt is set to announce Google TV coming to the UK today. It's expected to be with us within the next 6 months, and Google have supposedly signed deals with BBC and ITV to get both of their digital streaming services as part

New Android Market Rolling Out Now

We've had reports in that the new android market is now rolling out to android phones, especially in the UK. If you still havent received the update, there are a number of steps you can try to attempt to force the update: Menu> Settings Applications > Manage Applications >

Google Kills Off Slide: Good News For Android

Google has officially killed off Slide, it's $182m acquisition. Apparently most of the team will still stay on at Google to work on other products, but the current applications will be discontinued. This is probably really great news for android, and especially Google's own android applications. The Slide team were

Google+ Updated: Sharing Posts Added

Google have updated their Google+ android app with one main new feature, the ability to share a post. This is one of the more fundamental features of Google+, so personally I'm surprised it took them this long to add it to the android app. Along with the major change, come

Android 2.2.1 System Dump For HP Touchpad Outed

Surely every one of you now has a HP Touchpad right? If not, my apologies go out to you, and I'll join you in lambasting the greedy pigs who bought multiple just to sell on to ebay. I'm pretty sure the main (maybe the only?) reason most of you bought

Sonic CD Coming To Android!!

Oh my gosh! Sonic CD is coming to Android. It should be with us later this year, and honestly I don't know what more to say, so instead I will just post a series of smilies you should imitate, one after the other, until you get this game on your