LG To Release 2D to 3D Game Converter

LG has announced something quite cool, especially for fans of 3D, or users of the LG Optimus 3D. They have developed an android app that has the ability to convert a users 2D games intro 3D! It does seem like developers have to code the ability into their game though,

Samsung To Launch ChatON: X-Platform Chat App

Samsung is looking to get a piece of the group chat market with its latest app ChatON. which it describes as "A True Global Mobile Communication Service". The service is set to launch this September for the main three mobile OS's. Well let you know as soon as the android

Samsung Galaxy SII Camera Test

There has been quite a lot of discussion around which android phone has the best camera. You might just quote the one with the most MP, but that really isn't a true measure of what makes a good mobile phone camera. We've tested out the Samsung Galaxy SII camera, with

Samsung vs Apple [California Schedule Edition]

Apple have taken Samsung to court all over the world recently (Germany, Holland, Australia to name a few) regarding various design IP issues. Today news has broken about Apple having won a scheduling victory over Samsung in Northern California. This represents a victory for Apple due to how quickly the

Samsung vs Apple [Dusseldorf Highlights Edition]

Yesterday saw Apple take to the courts in Germany with their claim that Samsung have infringed upon Apple Intellectual Property, or to put it bluntly, copied the design of the iPad and the iPhone in various Samsung devices including (amongst others) the Galaxy S, SII and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Gameloft Club Announced: 1 Game Every Month For 99p

Gameloft have just introduced a new scheme called Gameloft club. Available for UK android users only, it lets you download one game per month for only 0.99p. That's a lot cheaper than Gamelofts current prices. It doesn't seem like you have to pay anything to join the "club" either,