FireFox For Tablets: Lookin' Good

Firefox are working on a Honeycomb version of their, lets say, not quite so popular phone app. Luckily for us the Honeycomb app actually looks quite nice. They have done a great job on the UI, but at the end of the day the performance will be the key. This

HTC Sensation Updated to Android 2.3.4

HTC Sensations in the UK have been receiving an update to android 2.3.4.  Only the unbranded variety are getting this update now, so if you bought your phone from somewhere like Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U, check for the update notification. The update brings the typical (and boring)

Angry Birds Updated: 15 New Mine And Dine Levels

Rovio have quickly followed on from their recent update to Angry Birds Rio by adding 15 new levels to the Mine and Dine section of the original Angry Birds game. Now this might not actually be that good news, if like me you hate that level with a passion!! [app]

Editorial: Messenger Roulette

As you may have already heard, Samsung plans to attempt to throw its weight in the already crowded messaging app arena, with their upcoming ChatON service. For those not in the know, it's a cross-platform messaging service with apps for Android, Bada, iOS, BlackBerry and Samsung feature phones, launching next

Android App Review: RunKeeper

It’s a common myth that geeks and gadget lovers lead and incredibly unhealthy lifestyle, sure we spend many many hours ploughing through tech news, gadget blogs and of course demolishing enemy’s in our favourite shoot, em up. However, a new group of people are starting a love affair

Pudding Camera updated To Support English

Pudding Camera has just received an update in the android market that adds one feature we have all been waiting for (those of us outside Korea anyway), English language support!! If you haven't tried Pudding Camera out yet, I suggest you go take a look. It's a beautifully designed android