Instagram Finally Coming To Android! (Eventually)

Ok, so never having owned an ios device, I have never used instagram, but that hasn't stopped me hearing all about it, nor you guys I imagine? Android users have been massively frustrated by the lack of an android app, even more so by the complete refusal to even acknowledge

Sony Android Tablets Announced

Sony have just officially announced it's 2 android tablets, the Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P. The Tablet S is the larger tablet, with the P being the dual screen tablet. The Tablet S will have: 1Ghz dual core CPU 1GB RAM 16/32GB internal storage sd slot

HTC Jetstream Announced: 10.1" Honeycomb Sense Tablet (Formerly HTC Puccini)

HTC have just announced their new tablet, the HTC Jetstream (aka the HTC Puccini), coming 4th September on AT&T in the USA, the tablet will cost $699.99, which sounds quite expensive to me. Have HTC not learnt from the Flyer pricing? The Jetstream will have a 10.

Xiaomi Phone Gets Hands-On

The Xiaomi phone running the MIUI OS has gotten a good hands-on video courtesy of Engadget. A quick refresher on the phone, it has a dual core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 4" LCD screen. It's also expected to be extremely cheap. Check out the video and

White Samsung Galaxy SII Now On Sale

The White Samsung Galaxy SII has just hit the shelves today in the UK. The great news is it's a true white phone (unlike the Nexus S), I'm sure a few of you will be picking this up, especially if it goes with your sparkling clean white car (you knowÂ

Samsung Announces US Galaxy SII Phones

Samsung have officially announced the US variants of their popular (and pretty damn sweet) Samsung Galaxy SII phones. It's taken a while, and I have been feeling sorry for my neighbours across the pond not being able to get their hands on what is in my opinion the best phone