New Samsung Nexus Prime Rumours

So, apparently the people at The Droid Guy got a sneak peek at the Nexus Prime at a Verizon Developers conference in Las Vegas, NV. They met a guy identifying himself as a Samsung employee who was fiddling with an unseen Android phone. The phone was described as looking like

Sony Ericsson Launch Xperia Unseen: Featuring Daisy Lowe

Sony Ericsson have commissioned three videos featuring Daisy Lowe to promote the launch of their new phone the Xperia Ray. The videos intend to show off the multimedia capability of the phone, and as such all three videos will actually be shot using the Ray itself. Check out part 1

Sony Announce Cross-Platform PlayStation Game SDK

Sony have announced at the Tokyo Game Show that it will be releasing a cross-platform SDK for PlayStation game developers. What this means is that developers will be able to create games that work on any Sony PlayStation Certified device. This includes Sony's own handheld gaming system, as well as

Google Buys 1,000+ Patents From IBM

News has just come through that Google have acquired 1,023 new patents from IBM in August of this year. No financial details were provided so we can't tell just how badly google wanted these patents. But this follows on from the recent Motorola Mobility purchase by Google, whereby the

Samsung vs Apple [Sad UK Edition]

It's finally happened, Apple have come over to the UK to sue Samsung. The new suit was filed this Monday by Apple. The details remain sketchy, but it was filed in the patents court so we should be able to safely assume this is those dreaded design patents against the

Get a Free 32" Sony TV With Your Sony Tablet S!

The new Sony tablet, the Tablet S will be released on Friday 16th September in the UK. The Tottenham Court road PC World/Currys store has a 2 hour exclusive on selling this tablet on the launch day (from 7am), and as an added incentive to get people to head