HTC Gives Sense Users 3GB of Extra Storage

HTC have partnered with dropbox, one of the leaders in cloud storage services available at the moment. The deal will see those of you with Sense 3.5 devices getting an additional 3GB of space to add to the standard 2GB you get when signing up, as long as you

Intel and Google in chip Partnership

Intel the worlds largest chip maker has partnered with Google to help improve how Android runs on the chip set. Android has become the worlds leading operating system for mobile devices, the industry believes Intel has been slow to respond to the challenge and only recently launched it's own answer

uTorrent Adds Android Device Sync

uTorrent is pretty much the app to get on your desktop if you download torrents. It's simple, fast and just works. If you haven't heard of it before I'd definitely suggest checking it out! uTorrent have announced a great new feature to their beta app, the ability to drag and

Android takes to the skies

Great news for Android lovers, we will soon be taking to the skies with Boeing and the new 787 Dreamliner.     According to a Boeing source, Andrew Larson.  All new Dreamliners will be fitted with Android touchscreens and servers.  This is backed up by the fact that

Google+ Updates: Includes Mobile Hangouts!

Google have updated the android app for their Google+ service, the new updates brings a whole host of changes including mobile Hangouts support! Along with that great additional features, there are a few improvements in various areas, including mention support (which has been extremely buggy). For those of you with

Beautiful Widgets FREE From Getjar Now

You should know by now that GetJar has its own android app store, and that they have a list of Gold apps that they update on a regular basis. The Gold apps are paid apps they offer for free. They have some great paid apps in there at the moment