New Game Added to Android Humble Bundle: Snuggle Truck

The guys over at Humble Bundle have added a new #android game to their current Humble Bundle line up. The game is called Snuggle Truck and involves driving a truck over treacherous terrain with the goal of reaching the Zoo without losing any of the animals in the truck.Sounds

Sneak Peak of Carbon for Android

Carbon for #android has just gotten a sneak peak in video form. The new twitter app that is causing excitement throughout the whole community is soon to be sent out for alpha testing (which I should hopefully be included on!). Wet your appetites with the funky video below!

DealPad Hits Android: All Your Hot UK Deals In a Lovely UI

A new, and very well made HotUKDeals app has hit the Play Store today named DealPad. The developer has really tried to stay true to new #android style guidelines given by Google for ICS.I have to say the app looks really, really nice (inclusion of one of my favourite

Flick Kick Football for #android updated, looks really nice on hi-res screens now! ...

Flick Kick Football for #android updated, looks really nice on hi-res screens now!

Game Review: Sega Virtua Tennis Challenge

Like many brits I love watching Wimbledon in the Summer, and when I’m channel flicking I might stop and watch the odd tennis match every now and then, but I’m not what you’d call a massive tennis fan. However, I have been in love with the Virtua

Fantastic Mr Fox Meets Sony Xperia: New Line of Ads

Wes Anderson, the incredibly talented guy behind one of my favourite films recently (Fantastic Mr. Fox) has been tasked by Sony to direct their new slew of Xperia adverts for Sonys #android phones. The campaign is known as "Made of Imagination" and features the imaginations of children turned