Review: JAYS One Plus Earphones

The best way to fully enjoy using your mobile as a music player is to get some decent earphones. Bearing in mind that you can spend hundreds of pounds on a top quality pair, the JAYS One Plus In-Ear earphones are at the lower end of the price range -


The Asus Padfone, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) and the Asus Transformer Pad 300 series have all been priced in Italy. These prices are probably going to be the same across the continental EU (or at least in those countries that have the Euro as their currency). We also get

ReadItLater Becomes Pocket: Gets Updated Android App

Out of nowhere, popular Read It Later has become Pocket. The desktop and #android app lets you store articles for reading at a later date. The android app has undergone a huge overhaul along with the name change, and it's much, much better as a result. It now follows the

Great ICS Experience on Galaxy Note

I bought my first Android phone, for that matter, my first real smart phone in February 2011. Yes, I was a late entrant. It was the HTC Incredible S, and incredible it was. I learnt fast and a few months later realised that I needed a much better phone. Finding

Samsung Galaxy event announced... Come and meet the next Galaxy!

Here is the news that we have all been waiting for! Samsung have announced their next Unpacked event to be held on May 3 where we will "come and meet the next Galaxy".   Twitter has been awash with excitement today as Samsung sent out invitations for their event in

Android App Guide: Rom Manager by Koush

Rom manager is designed to make your life easier with your rooted phone. It works by enabling you to flash (install) a custom recovery to your phone without needing to push it through adb or using the computer. There are 2 options in the play store for rom manager,