Twitter Update: Updated Design and Improvements

There has been a Twitter update pushed this evening that brings an updated design and feature improvements. The update, version 3.2 brings: What's in this version:   - Updated design and improved relevance of Discover stories - Activity in Discover tab shows who your connections follow, updates to their

Facebook Update: Added Icons and Shortcuts

Facebook has added a few new features that seem to be intended to keep us more involved with Facebook and the app! I got my update the other day and didn't look at it for a few days, partly from apathy (I mean what else are they going to do

Samsung Galaxy SIII Rumour Roundup

The Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S3 or even simply the "Next Galaxy". If you are into mobile phones, hell, if you are into technology you'll have noticed the internet swirling with rumours about this phone. I say this phone because we don't even know what it will be called yet!

App Review: Scalado Album

Scalado Album is a new photo gallery app on Google Play. As there are lots of photo gallery applications out there already, what makes Scalado stand out from the rest? Hit the jump to find out!   Firstly a bit of background information on Scalado: "Scalado is a world leading

Updated: Max Payne for Android released tomorrow!

UPDATE: It was announced by @rockstargames that there is going to be about a 1 week delay in Max Payne being released on Android as they want to be able to release to as many devices as possible Obviously it would be good to announce when it had been released

Android App Review: Plume

Plume is a great twitter app if you are looking to replace android’s stock app. Spring is in the air and there is no better time to do some cleaning out of your app closet and get some new fresh ones in! Features The home screen gives you direct