Samsung Galaxy SIII Battery: A Day In My Life

If you know me in real life, or follow me here at Droid-Den, Twitter or on Google+, you'll have some idea about how much I use my phone. I like to classify myself as somewhat of an ultra-heavy user. I have a lot of automated tasks running in the background,

Bandsintown on Android!

Bandsintown, the ultimate concert tracking app, is now available for Android! Bandsintown is an app that connects to your Facebook and scans your likes and recommendations. Yes, you HAVE to connect to Facebook, but it's worth it. It also scans your personal music library on your phone and puts them

Accessory Review: Samsung Galaxy S III Vent Case

Samsung's own vent case was launched at the same time as the handset in the UK. What is it like? How well does it protect? Is it worthy of protecting such an amazing device as an S3? Find out after the jump! Now trust me when I say I am

Samsung Introduces New Grey Colour For The Galaxy SIII (Update)

A video has been uploaded to YouTube showing the newly released Samsung Galaxy S III in a grey colour. It's been very publicised that Samsung has had quality issues with Pebble Blue colour, which has led to 600,000 back plates being scrapped, and some rumours are suggesting that this

Instapaper For Android Released

The much-lauded iOS app Instapaper is finally out on Android. It's basically an app that allows you to save pages to read later (similar to Pocket). I've only recently been introduced to Pocket and to be honest I don't use it very often but I know a lot of you

Samsung Galaxy SIII Demo Video: Pop Up Play

One of the cooler features we saw from the Samsung Unpacked event in London early last month was the pop up play feature. Essentially, it allows you to pop up a video on the screen and carry on using your phone as normal. Personally, I find this more of