Things Have Changed...

So as you have probably notice, things have changed around here slightly. We've finally left our old platform, Wordpress and moved over to the next gen in "blogging", Ghost. The change was made to help us get back to basics. Wordpress is a great platform for the types of blog

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Announced

Samsung have just announced the Galaxy Core Advance, to join the Galaxy Core and Galaxy Core Plus released earlier this year.. (break placeholder, carry on reading when you've stop laughing...) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Obviously we won't be buying this phone, but it's interesting that it has a dedicated camera

[Review] Galaxy S3 Flip Case

This Samsung Galaxy S3 case differs to the official flip case as it doesn't replace the back cover on your phone. This brings a few advantages and disadvantages... Firstly, it is a lot easier to remove if you need to for whatever reason. Just pull the case off and you're

[Review] Galaxy S3 Official Flip Case

Thanks to the guys over at MobileFun, I've managed to get my hands on the official Galaxy S3 flip cover, see below for my thoughts! The case comes in some nice, but standard Samsung packaging displaying most of the case. The back of the box lets you know that this

Initial Thoughts on the Galaxy Gear

A Few Days Later.. I've set up the Galaxy Gear (using tasker) to enable internet on the watch whenever I open an app that requires internet (e.g. browser, news app, etc). I've also set up as tasker profile to automatically enable the internet for a few minutes every hour

[Review] Official HTC One Car Kit

Car Docks are quite popular accessories given that in most of the world you can not legally use your phone and drive at the same time without one.  Some cars may have built in Bluetooth systems however it can still be very helpful to see your phones display at