Top 7 Android Apps Used Daily

Everyone has a set of apps they just can't live without. If you're like me, this list of apps is by no means dynamic, it changes often as my own needs change as well as the functionality of apps change. There are also some apps that "just work". There are

Lacking Internal Phone Memory? No Problem!

Phones have limited internal memory nowadays. Now this didn’t used to be a huge problem, but with some of the latest android games coming in at over 1GB, that limited internal memory soon becomes a restriction, while that 16, 32 or even 64GB microSD card is sitting there barely

Samsung Galaxy SIII Kidigi Phone and Battery Dock Review

For those of you with both a Samsung Galaxy 3 and a spare battery, the Kidigi dock might just be the accessory you’re looking for to replace your current phone charger. If you read my previous official SGSIII dock review you'd know one of the biggest omissions was being

Google Nexus 7 DodoCase Hardcover Review

Generally speaking I have different requirements in a case for my tablets and phones. Phones I always go thin, light and unobtrusive. Tablets however, are a different story. I tend to carry tablets in hand or in a bag, and as such I like to know the tablet is fully

The Difference Between Android & IOS is Night & Day..

So today I was browsing the absolutely fantastic website MyColorScreen. By the way, if you haven't heard of this site yet I strongly urge you to go and have a look, it's a site that allows people to upload their smartphone homescreens, and there are some really talented people out

Todays Top 25p/cent games: 29/09/12

Google play is celebrating the Play store reaching the 25 billion download milestone by offering 15 new apps each day for a period of the next 3 2 days for only 25 pence or 25 cents each! As ever, you can view the full list yourself from desktop or mobile