Android Guide: How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab

By now you should all know the advantages of rooting your phones right? If you don't, let me give you a quick reason why you should... I dropped my HTC Desire last week and it broke, kaboom, dead. For most people this would mean a lot of lost data, lost

Android Guide: How To Make Every App Full Screen In The Samsung Galaxy Tab

So I picked up the Samsung Galaxy Tab this weekend, and wow what a device it is!! I'm seriously impressed with the build quality, screen quality, sound quality, pretty much everything to be honest. One of the greatest things about it is that pretty much all the android apps currently

Android: UberCon [Wonderful White] Icons Set

Well, after both my TallMin (20,000+ downloads) and aSmoothstar (10,000+ downloads) icons have been so popular with you guys, please hello to my new icon set, UberCon! I have to say, personally these are my favourite text icons I have created yet. They really do look fantastic on

Android Guide: Minimise Your Lock Screen Style

Yesterday I posted a screenshot of my current lock screen on my HTC Desire. It's very minimalist, but I think it looks quite beautiful. I posted the question of whether it's too bare, or if the fact that there is little going on makes it gorgeous. Well the majority of

Android Guide: How To Force Apps to the SD Card Without Rooting!

With the Froyo 2.2 release of android, we also gained the ability to install some* apps to the sd card. This is something that many people wanted to enable us to install more apps and more games than previously possible. However one of the poor features of froyo a2sd

Android Guide: How To Fix Android Market Issues

One of the more common issues you will find with android is to do with the market. Google have not quite got the market to the top of it's game just yet (but it is getting better for sure), and one of the occasional complaints is to do with market