How To Best Manage Alternative Emails With Android and Gmail

So you have an android phone, but your main email account isn't a gmail one. What do you do? Well lets get the important thing over with first. Make gmail your #1 main email! You won't regret it. It works so flawlessly with android that it would be silly not

Android Guide: Get The Kongregate App For Android Here

So yesterday Kongregate released their first Android app to the market, and it was pretty damn good. It basically gave you access to over 300 FREE flash games. The app itself acts like a sort of catalogue, you browse to the game you want to play, and can either download

Android Guide: How To Flash The New Market If The apk Doesn't Work

If you are rooted, and cannot install the new market via the apk method, then this is for you. A flashable zip that will give your phone the new (and very funky) android market! Once again, follow the jump for full details! Installation Instructions Download To Phone Download the application

Android Guide: How To Get The New Improved Market

Wow, a completely new android market has arrived. Its pretty stunning compared to the old version thats for sure. It looks a lot smoother and more polished, I'm quite impressed! Take the jump for instructions on how to install!! Installation Instructions Download To Phone Download the application here or by

App Guide: How To Get Google eBooks On Android

So today saw the launch of google eBooks, over 3 million books available (altough those of us not in the USA can't buy any yet), but at this moment the link to download the android ebook app is down. Well if you want to get this app right away simply

Android Guide: How To Get The New Market Tab

So you must have seen the reports about the new additional tab that can be seen in the android market? If not check out the screenshot below. This is only available on devices running froyo, and if you don't have it yet, just follow the instructions after the jump to