[Review] Samsung Galaxy Note II - Official Flip Case

Like with my Galaxy S III, I decided to take a look at this official flip phone cover from Samsung for my Note2.  Here is what I think of it after a few weeks of use.    Things I like It replaces the battery cover in order

Samsung Galaxy Note II Owners: Get This App!

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note II, then you'll probably be happy to hear about a new app being developed by xda user LegendK95, called SPenBoard Switcher. One of the best things about the Note II is the ability to use the S-Pen to write, instead of tapping keys

Tech21 Impact Snap Case For Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

I’m not the hugest fan of cases on a smartphone. Generally speaking, they add bulk and ugliness to something that is more than just function, something that was designed to be beautiful. Why would you hide that? Well, one reason is to keep it beautiful, to protect it from

Samsung Galaxy Note II Official Extra Battery Kit Review

If you use your smartphone for more than just making calls and receiving texts, it’s probably same to assume you struggle with battery life. One of the great things about (the majority of) android phones is the removable battery. That means you can carry a spare or two and

App Highlight: Splashtop Remote Desktop

If, like me you have got yourself Windows 8 recently and you want a decent remote desktop app to hook up to then i definitely recommend you check out this app. Splashtop already boast over 10 million users worldwide but in their latest iteration of their award winning product they

Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Review

I've spent a decent amount of time now with the ARM-based Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. The cheap price (£229 from PCWorld) and what seemed like gorgeous design won me over straight away, and since then I've been running the device through its paces to see how usable it is