Official TweetDeck Beta For Android

So TweetDeck for Android finally sees a release. The hype for this app had been building and building until finally an unofficial build was leaked yesterday. Needless to say the leaked build was very unstable, with some users unable to even get the app to accept their login credentials. Tweetdeck themselves suggested users should not install this version. tweetdeck-for-android-twitter The official  release does seem to have fixed some of the more minor issues, but for me, is still lacking compared to the wealth of twitter clients already available on the android market. I do look forward to the official stable release, as the guys at tweetdeck certainly have a good platform to build on from what we have seen so far. Follow the jump for more pics and a video direct from tweetdeck themselves:
  The tweetdeck devs have kindly thrown together a video showing how best to add and manage columns in the new app.