Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Overview

April 26th, mark this date down in your calendar. Next Friday, I know a lot of you guys will be expecting the delivery of your new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, and those of you who aren't, will probably be heading down to your local mobile phone shop to test the thing out (if you’re anything like me that is!). The Galaxy S4 is one of the stand-out devices of 2013, along with the HTC One. We’re in for a fantastic summer as there is little to choose between these two devices.

One the one hand, the HTC One has arguable one of the nicest designs we’ve ever seen in a phone, whilst the pure power under the hood of the S4 is something to marvel at. My thoughts on both of these phones will be coming in a future post..


Whilst the S4 hasn’t actually been released yet, we’re already seeing an influx of accessories become available for the phone. Including S4 cases from all the big names such as CaseMate, Flexishield, Gear4, etc. But what we are also seeing a lot more, is officially licensed cases for Samsung. This is something Samsung, and android smartphone manufacturers in general, have historically been quite poor at. For the S4, Samsung has not only announced multiple official cases, but most of them are already available to purchase.

There is the flip case, in pretty much the same style as we have found with previous Galaxy phones. One of the more innovative cases Samsung have released is the S View cover (Samsung like to put S in front of most things, kinda like putting another letter in front of words to make new words..). I think this case will be pretty popular, as it is essentially the flip cover, but with a cut out in the top half so you can view the screen to see the time, and a number of notifications without having to actually open the cover. We can also see an another flip cover, but with the front actually flipping downwards instead. Not my ideal choice in a case, but I know this suits many of you out there. Samsung have designed a pouch type case, made from real leather, with a price to match!

Which leads me on to my favourite of the new official S4 cases, the hard case. If you’ve read any of my previous case reviews, you’ll know I adore the light touch. Cases that can keep away nasty scratches, but without adding unsightly bulk to your beautiful phone. The official hard case looks like it just might be able to pull this off.

So that's a quick overview of the new official cases from Samsung, we should also see some other great cases from the likes of my personal favourites (the South Korean guys like Spigen and Zenus make beautiful cases). Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on the new S4 to bring you some full hands on case reviews soon!