O2 900MHz Speeds Up 3G By 30%

Not specifically android news, but this news could affect a lot of android users in London. O2 have made use of a recent change in spectrum rules by regulator Ofcom to use the 900MHz spectrum, apparently boosting mobile data speeds by 30%.

Nigel Purdy, chief technology officer for Telefónica O2 UK says "This 3G900 switch-on is the latest in a series of network enhancements. The upgrade brings the benefits of 3G over 900MHz spectrum to our customers."

What I didn't actually realise is that O2 have already rolled this out other cities in the UK, including Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester (this could be why I get pretty decent speeds on my GiffGaff sim card!).

As well as providing faster speeds, the change should increase network capacity by around 50% as the new 3G900 stream will be in addition to its current 3G network.

Have you noticed any increases yourself? Do let me know in the comments or via twitter!