Nexus 7 Case-Mate Tuxedo Case Review

I’m always on the lookout for some good Nexus 7 covers, so when I came across the Case Mate Tuxedo case I knew I had to give it a go. By now you should know what type of case I go for on my phones, the minimal type! But generally speaking I don’t mind a thicker type of case for my tablet, so the Tuxedo case represents a change in the norm for me. Lets get into it.


Look and Feel

Lets just get it out there from the start, the inspiration for this case is pretty easy to see, I mean it looks almost exactly like the Nexus 7 Noreve case! Ok, ok, I’m joking of course, the design is almost exactly the same as the Smart case Apple made famous with the iPad. It would be lenient to say that Case-Mate stole the idea, they essentially completely ripped it off. But that’s not entirely a bad thing.

As the name suggests, the case has an air of superiority to it, a nobleness if you will. If nothing else, Case Mate picked a name that truly represents the case they designed. The outside of the case is covered with a mesh “premium leather style” material. The premium leather style is taken from the official description of the case. I’m not entirely sure what Case Mate thinks leather is, but to me this case feels more like a premium fabric style case more than anything else. But don’t take that as me being unhappy, I actually really like the feel of the outer material, its nice against your fingers and the look of the textured material helps to add a bit of class too.


The front has a small indentation towards the bottom right, the Case Mate logo. Again, this is done perfectly and only adds to the premium feel of the case, it certainly looks better being there than if Case Mate had left the front completely bare. The inside of the case contains a microfiber material, once again a good choice as this helps to ensure no damage is done to your Nexus 7 by the case itself, in fact I even noticed a lack of fingerprints on the front of the N7 after opening the front flap. There is also a small slit on the rear where the speaker is found, so you can freely listen to music or watch a video with the tablet in the case.


The case is extremely thin and lightweight, perfect for sliding into your bag or carrying in the hand. You might even notice yourself looking down upon those with the tradition and (decidedly less) sophisticated smart case! (and of course, whatever ghastly tablet may be held inside that smart case!)


The case contains a tab that folds around the rear and via the use of a magnet, sticks to the back. This ensures your tablet will be safe when closed, and also serves a secondary purpose to add a bit of stability when the case is used as a stand.


And that leads me nicely onto the stand capabilities of the case. The front cover is layered so that you may folder it up to three times. This gives you the option of two different ways to create a stand for your Nexus 7. The first allows for a slightly elevated stand, more suitable to typing on the tablet.


The second is more raised, and much more suited to when you may want to use the tablet as a media player, to watch a film to stream a TV programme perhaps.


Case Mate have been quite innovative, and used an adhesive patch to effectively “stick” the Nexus 7 to the case. As such, there are no ugly straps around the tablet, and this only adds to the premium feel the case has. The adhesive is quite strong, there are no worries that the tablet may fall out accidentally, and also should be easy to wipe clean should it become dirty.


Finally, the case makes use of the magnet in the strap to automatically turn on the Nexus 7 screen when you open the case. A small, but nice touch and definitely adds to the positives.


I really like this case, and out of all the Nexus 7 cases I’ve used, this is by far my favourite, for both functional and design reasons. The price tag isn’t the cheapest, but if you’re looking for a good quality, value for money and premium case to protect your own Nexus 7, you can do a lot worse than to pick up one of these.