My Top 5 Casual Android Games Right Now

I remember when I first got my HTC Hero years ago. Good android games were actually not that common, well lets say polished android games. The number of games was adequate, but you could see most were made by indie devs who maybe hadn't had that much experience with mobile games before. Today? Well it's a whole different story, the android market is literally bursting at the seams with fantastic games. What follows is a list of the top 5 casual games I'm playing at this very moment. Casual games mean those you can pick up and play for 5 minutes, or 5 hours. This list could change next week, but you'll get a load of fun from each one of them.

Each game listed has a link to the market, so simply click on the link, log in, and select download to get these games straight to your device.

1: Wiz Kid Jr. (Market Link) £0.61p

Defend your mana from a horde of hungry spirits in this arcade puzzle adventure! Train alongside the Elder Wizard as you chain together totems to increase your mana and beat back a steady onslaught of hungry spirits. Let the spirits eat up too much mana and you'll lose, but earn magic attacks, high scores, and hold those hungry spirits off for long enough and you just might become an Unstoppable Wizard!
  • Arcade puzzle game with personality: High-quality artwork with memorable characters and a high level of polish, from game design to the sound and music.
  • Gameplay that's fun for all ages: Defend your stores of mana from hungry spirits that each have their own special attack and are intent on eating up all your mana. It's connect-3-or-more puzzle action with a touch of tower defense!
  • Puzzle mechanics designed specifically for touch screens: Trace a path to chain together 3 or more of the same colored totems or spirits and destroy them, collect their mana, and earn points.
  • Intelligent, fast-performance scaling and anti-aliasing for different screens: Enjoy a great game experience regardless of screen size - looks fantastic on tablets!
  • 2 Modes of Play: Choose either Classic Arcade or Super Free Play and try to earn the highest score for each level.
  • 4 Magic Spells: Learn new spells as your scores improve and use them to slow down those hungry spirits.
  • 6 Hungry Spirits: Study their special attacks and stay on offense if you want to preserve your stores of mana.
  • 8 Barrels of Fun: Play Wiz Kid Junior wherever you happen to be—on the train, on a plane, in a car, or at a bar. Have fun!
The premise of this game is quite simple, line up 3 or more of the same colour objects, and swipe to clear them. However, the guys at Super Combo Collective have done a fantastic job in turning a simple game into something fun and addictive. From the bright range of colours, to the referee telling you the next wave is on its way, everything about the game makes you want to carry on playing. They have also got the difficulty levels spot on. The first level is quite easy to begin with, but once you start moving through the game, it gets harder and harder, perfect!

2: Spirit HD (Market Link) £0.79

Intense retro-inspired arcade mayhem, reinvented for touch screen! Spirit, by Marco Mazzoli. The critically acclaimed iPhone hit now on Android! Specially for the Android version: both Spirit and Spirit HD (tablet version) included in the same package. Buy once and play both versions of the game on your different devices. Simple and fun to play. No shooting. No on-screen controls. Just slide your finger and Spirit will mimic your movements.
Spirit HD is just one of those games you have to play to appreciate fully. It's hard to describe it whilst giving it the full credit it deserves. Basically you drag your spaceship in a circle to create a, well sort of black hole, that eats all the enemies that come close. And you do this to clear all the enemies on each level. Sounds good? Like I said, it's hard to describe, I definitely recommend this game though, the music and graphics are fantastic, a great game!

3: Alberi (Market Link) Free

Introducing Alberi: eventually the best puzzle game of 2010 made its way to Android. This original puzzle game, designed by the Italian Giorgio Dendi, quickly has become the most loved game amongst the readers of Italian's easily most popular logic publication: "Focus Brain Trainer". The game's mechanics are loosely based on the classic logic puzzle of the 8 queens but, despite its simplicity, the game is definitely very (we mean really, really very) challenging: hours of brain-melting puzzles awaits you. There are only 4 very simple rules but it's gonna be hellish to fully abide all of 'em: Every zone must have a tree. Every row must have a tree. Every column must have a tree. Two trees cannot occupy adjacent tiles (even not diagonally adjacent). Morevoer the game features super advanced levels: the fun is doubled with two trees per zone/row/column! Features List: - Dangerously addictive gameplay. - Beautiful user interface. - Best times are recorded: challenge yourself and your friends! - More than 100 (one entire hundred!!) levels of any difficulty: for beginners and veterans. - Includes a quick tutorial to get you started in seconds! - Includes also an advanced tutorial to help you master all the levels in the game. - Secret levels of all the difficulties must be unlocked.
Ok, so out of this list, this could be the one game you might not enjoy. For me it's a fantastic puzzler, based on an old Italian game, there are 4 simple rules you must abide by. Despite only having 4 rules, the game is seriously challenging. You'll start to find yourself seeing patterns in the game, and that will help you to beat your best time on each level (which you'll be doing because it's so damn addictive!). I'd love it to have some social aspect, especially some sort of best time feature against your friends. But nonetheless, fantastic and addictive time waster right here!

4: Switch (Market Link) Free

Welcome to one of the fastest gaming experiences on Android, Switch sets you against obstacles and opponents as you weave your way through space and time. Your goal is to travel as far as possible avoiding the energy beams that will destroy your ship, time your switches correctly to also avoid the enemy ships. If you need some help collect the shield power-ups that will let you smash through your opponents and achieve top scores. You will be amazed by the incredible graphics, high quality sounds and the sheer speed of the game, how long can you last? Features • Simple and addictive gameplay. • Console quality visuals and sounds. • Original sound and music. • Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.
Awesome game in the style of that old classic Wipeout. As the description says, the goal is to travel as far as you can whilst avoiding energy beams and opponents. There are also power ups that give you a shield for a limited time, but getting them can be difficult, especially the further on you are in a level when you've built up some speed! The game both looks and sounds great, the perfect combination for a casual game!

5: Greedy Spiders (Market Link) £0.61p

Save the bugs from the Greedy Spiders! Somewhere out there, a tiny world needs a huge hand... The Spiders have come to town and they are planning on dining their friendly neighbors. Use your intelligence in this exciting puzzle game and prevent the Spiders from pulling their plan through. Carefully plan your escape from Wild Hills, Scary Crypts and many other scenarios to reach the final cut scene. Thinking of an easy game? Wait until you find yourself dealing with up to three evil and hungry spiders. As you progress through the levels, new actions, new spiders and new surprises will be available. Deceive a spider, burn down the spider web or even invoke a supernatural power to save a bug...use everything at your hands to avoid being eaten in this breath taking journey. KEY FEATURES:
  • 128 challenging levels!
  • 7 different types of bugs!
  • Warning: extremely addictive!
  • Delightful and funny graphics.
  • More scenarios and levels coming soon!

The latest game on the list, and thus the one currently wasting most of my time. Greedy Spiders is a fun puzzler, where the goal is to stop the spider from eating the numerous bugs caught in its web. The game works in a turn-based manner, you select a section of web to destroy, then the spider makes a move, and so on. There are also powerups to be gained as you work through the game. The first couple of levels are pretty easy, but it soon gets difficult!! You'll find yourself replaying levels over and over, trying to work out the optimum strategy to get 3 stars (aka Angry Birds). Simple mechanics, but the simple ones usually work the best!