Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard For Nexus 7 Review

The dream is to be able to replace our computers with tablets. It’s a nice dream to have, but there are a few things holding us back right now, and one of those things is ease of input. I love onscreen keyboards, but there becomes a point when you just need a good old fashioned keyboard to get things done, especially if you’re writing for extended periods of time. A mobile and lightweight keyboard is one way in which this issue can be solved, and it just so happens that I have one here in front of me to tell you guys about!


Look and Feel

The Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard for the nexus 7 looks like it belongs with the N7. The rear of the keyboard is made out of similar (if not quite the same) material as the back of the Nexus 7. It looks exactly the same as the tablet rear, but upon touching it you realise its fully plastic rather than the softer back of the N7. Nevertheless, its a nice design touch and makes the keyboard feel suited to this particular tablet. The N7 actually clips fully into the keyboard, screen against the keys, so that you essentially have the nice rear of the N7 on both sides. It’s a very handy way of carrying both around. The keyboard obviously does add some extra weight though.

There is a microUSB port to the right hand side of the keyboard for charging purposes, although the device doesn’t actually come with a microUSB charging cable. I guess the assumption is you probably had a good few of these already, and can reuse your tablet’s if required.


The front contains the keys, a connect button and an on/off switch. There is also two LEDs to let you know when bluetooth is on/connected and a charging LED. Above the keyboard is a slot for the Nexus 7 to sit in, in landscape, whilst you are using the keyboard.


The keyboard connects fairly easily to the Nexus 7. I had a few issues with the initial paring, however from that point onwards the two connected quickly and without issue. The keyboard buttons are relatively small, which is to be expected as it is designed to fit within the dimensions of the tablets itself. This can make it slightly hard to type efficiently, but it’s a fair trade off for the size and portability.


The keyboard has a few android specific keys, as well as some handy shortcuts. Some of these are listed below:

  • Home
  • back
  • search
  • media player functions
  • Ctrl+a (select all)
  • Ctrl+c (copy)
  • Ctrl+x (cut)
  • Ctrl+v (paste)
  • Ctrl+p brings up the system settings
  • Ctrl+m brings up the app settings
  • Ctrl+w brings up the wallpaper settings
  • Ctrl+tab brings up a recent apps screen.


Overall I really enjoyed this Nexus 7 case/keyboard. As it was made specifically for the N7, there are a few nice touches that you wouldn’t get with a more generic bluetooth keyboard, such as the portability feature. The keys are fairly small, but usable. If you can get over that, then this might just be the keyboard you are looking for!