Lacking Internal Phone Memory? No Problem!

Phones have limited internal memory nowadays. Now this didn’t used to be a huge problem, but with some of the latest android games coming in at over 1GB, that limited internal memory soon becomes a restriction, while that 16, 32 or even 64GB microSD card is sitting there barely utilised. Wouldn't it be great if you could force apps to read their data from your external microSD card rather than from your internal memory? Well… now you can!


A great tool called DirectoryBind from XDA member slig allows you to bind directories located on your external memory to directories on your internal memory. It basically moves app or game data from you internal memory to your external memory, and then forces those apps or games to read the new external location rather than the now empty internal location.

I’m using this to great effect on my Samsung Galaxy Note II and my huge 64GB microSD card! You do need root to use this app (one more great reason to root your phone!).

Installation is as easy as installing the apk and providing root privileges to the app. You can then simply provide the internal and external locations, click to automatically move the data and wait till it completes! Give the app a go by grabbing the latest version from the XDA thread, and feel free to ask me any questions below or on twitter if you need any help or guidance!

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