Kidigi Desktop Cradle For Nexus 7 Review

Kidigi is a company I had only heard of fairly recently, but in that short time I’ve become very impressed with the quality of their android accessories. They are usually extremely well built and functional.


Look and Feel

As I mentioned above, Kidigi are usually pretty good in the look and feel department, and their good looking Nexus 7 dock meets that high expectation. The dock is made of a black matte plastic that feels very sturdy to the touch. The visible areas of the dock are all plain black, with the Kidigi text on the front being the only blemish, although I use blemish in a good way here, it helps to break up the bare design.


The bottom of the dock contains 4 rubber mats to ensure the dock won’t be slipping around in use. The Nexus 7 fits into the dock in portrait mode, and there is no way to switch this to landscape, something to keep in mind.


The dock contains an insert where the tablet fits that allows for more space to be available if required. This allows you to dock the Nexus 7 whilst using a thin-ish case, without the need to remove the case. A nice touch, and gives this a small advantage over many competitor docks. The N7 slots into a microUSB port inside the dock, which allows the tablet to be charged using the provided microUSB cable that slides into the read of the dock. One of the issues I did find however, was that while docked the 3.5mm headphone jack was inaccessible. This could be a minor inconvenience for some of you, and again is something to consider (I lay the blame for this with Google btw, the headphone jack should not be on the bottom of the tablet near the microUSB port in my opinion).



I really like the Kidigi way of doing things, and this dock matches my expectations. The addition of a removable slot to allow for the N7 to be docked whilst a case is on is a great feature. However, the lack of accessibility to the headphone jack while docked is disappointing.