Instagram Finally Coming To Android! (Eventually)

Ok, so never having owned an ios device, I have never used instagram, but that hasn't stopped me hearing all about it, nor you guys I imagine? Android users have been massively frustrated by the lack of an android app, even more so by the complete refusal to even acknowledge the fact by Instagram.

However, in a recent interview by The Guardian with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, we finally have some android news.

It's hugely important to us, but we're only six people," he says. "Android is a major priority for us, but first we have to build the team, and find the best people in the world to work on these projects." The company is currently hiring engineers and designers to help it move more quickly on all three of these aims.

The good news? They have android in their sights, the bad news? They haven't even built the team to develop the app. Expect a fairly long wait for anything to hit android then!