Initial Thoughts on the Galaxy Gear

A Few Days Later..

I've set up the Galaxy Gear (using tasker) to enable internet on the watch whenever I open an app that requires internet (e.g. browser, news app, etc). I've also set up as tasker profile to automatically enable the internet for a few minutes every hour so my Google apps (mainly calendar) update themselves. This is to ensure the battery life isn't terrible, which it is with internet enabled 24/7.

Right now, I'm incredibly happy with my Gear! However, I do have a wishlist of features, mainly the following:

-- WiFi So I can connect directly to WiFi hotspots, rather than tethering through my phone. Note, I don't care much for network capability, I don't want to own another sim card and pay another data allowance on top of my unlimited plan. So tethering is fine.

-- GPS The Gear can use the phones GPS (via mock locations I believe), but apparently this is a bit of a battery hog. Its own GPS would allow for better permanent tracking options without having to use a companion phone app.

Note, I'm also incredibly happy with the screen turning off when I'm not looking at it. I wasn't sure how I'd take this "feature" before I got the watch. But I have been pleasantly surprised. The turn on gesture works incredibly well, it means that whenever I look at the watch face, the screen is on. I think the screen then turns itself off again when I've stopped looking, but I don't know because... I'm not looking.. \o/


The Gear is an excellent device. It's by far the best smartwatch available right now too. There are a few reasons why I think this:

1.It's beautiful.
The rest are not only not beautiful. They are ugly. Ugly doesn't belong on your wrist for the world to see. You can have both, beauty and function. Don't accept anything less.

2.It works great out of the box.
It really does. Samsung have done a good job on the UI here. It's intuitive and the gestures work really well on this small screen. No ugly buttons to ruin what little space there is.

3.It's so customisable!
The Pebble gets great reviews because people who like to tinker, can. Well guess what. You can also tinker on the Gear too (see photo). We have custom roms, themers (theme templates for you guys as well). Oh, and the devs have pretty much sorted out the Samsung-only restriction. Go ahead and use this on your Nexus if you like!

4.The battery lasts about 2 days for me.
It'll most likely last longer for you if you don't do all the internet stuff I have done. It's no issue. This isn't a "watch". Get out of the habit of wanting endless battery life. What we need is effective and usable ways of charging this new generation of smartwatches (The Gear doesn't entirely deliver on this, but it's more than usable)